The holiday ad campaign season is upon us. Some may be excited about this, and others dread the non stop ads convincing consumers to buy the new hot item for a loved one this year. If you’re lucky you may run into some ads like the three that are about to be discussed.

Here are 3 of the most annoying holiday campaigns, ever.

KFC The Taste That Unites:

Christmas dinner is a time for families to come together from near and far to celebrate the holiday season. Even though families are complicated and the mixing of people can end in chaos, it is an event for people to spend quality time together and do things like cook, tell stories, and enjoy quality time with one another. KFC is a very American brand that decides to use the cliche of “ordering KFC for Christmas dinner” during this musical ad. They decide to mix this American cliche of ordering fast food for Christmas dinner with cringey Holiday carols to create one of the most cliche annoying holiday campaigns ever! 

Bloomingdales Spiked Eggnog Ad:

Not only is this an ad fail, but it is downright annoying! The ad states  “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking”. The picture is of a male and female insinuating that the man should basically drug the woman in the photo and take her home. This ad is inherently placing emphasis on how males can have control over women which is annoying and wrong. One can only assume those who made and published the ad were unaware of how often spiked drinks lead to assaults and further issues for women.

Heineken’s 2020 Holiday Ad:

Like previously mentioned, the Holidays freak lots of people out because it is a time when all characters of families mix together. The unwanted questions will be asked and there may even be some tableside fights. Heineken ensures that this Christmas/Holiday season will be just annoying as ever with your family despite the times. Whether your  dad is disapproving of your Holiday sweater or your mom is flipping through the tv channels, your family has not changed and will still be just as annoying as ever. This fits under the annoying category while also poking fun at the joke of how chaotic the Holiday times can be, which leaves reason for it to be the final annoying Holiday campaign.

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