DTSP, St. Pete, Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams


From Fortune 500 to start-ups, Lisa is at the forefront of brand strategy. With serious passion, a genuine love for her work, and years of expertise in the industry, her leadership drives success. Philanthropic and curious, Lisa travels and gives often. She’ll probably change the world some day, but first, coffee.

Amy Alexander

Creative Director

Amy is a recent U.S. citizen, originating from Scotland. She studied Leadership and Psychology at University of Richmond Virginia and loves event planning, graphic design, photography, and film production. Her interests are vast including fashion, snow skiing, cooking, video games, and crafting. She’s (her words) obsessed with orcas, and has seen the documentary ‘Blackfish’ at least 8 times. At Evolve & Co, Amy’s a creative powerhouse.


Social Media Manager

Carmen is currently studying Information, Communications, and Technology at Florida State University. She's an avid fan of boating, traveling, photography & film, graphic design, and fashion. She's designed & remodeled her own boat, traveled to 25+ countries, with her eyes set on France post-graduation. At Evolve & Co, Carmen wants to learn how to manage multiple creative mediums simultaneously.

Lauren Sutton Evolve & Co Intern


Public Relations Manager

Lauren is a student at the University of South Florida studying Mass Comm with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising & a minor in Communication. In her free time, Lauren enjoys painting, plants, and running. She has ambitions of competing in her first half-marathon by the time she's 25. She prides herself on being motivated to try new things like music or food and cites "it's how I find my favorite things."

Michelle Hardy

Brand Ambassador

Michelle joins us from University of Central Florida where she received her bachelors in Cinema Studies. She is an actor, model, and loves beaching, brunching, shopping, and working out. At Evolve & Co, Michelle models for shoots, assists in influencer relations & event marketing.

Olivia Braun


Graphic Design Intern

Olivia joins the Evolve & Co summer intern team via way of University of South Florida where she is a first year Integrated Public Relations and Advertising student. Olivia is passionate about fundraising (as class president, she raised over $35,000 for her high school), her Peruvian heritage where she climbed Machu Picchu, and is a fan of all things Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. At Evolve & Co, she hopes to gain more industry knowledge and put her creative ideas to the test.

Sydney Walker, intern

Sydney Walker

Brand Management Intern

Sydney joins us as a summer intern studying Integrated PR and Advertising at the University of South Florida. She's passionate about fashion, music, working out, and sunset swims in the ocean. When she's not "going for hot girl walks with her pup", doing school work, or checking out a local restaurant, she's honing her advertising skills at Evolve & Co.

Headshot of Caila Weisman, Intern

Caila Weisman

Brand Management Intern

Caila joins us for a summer brand management internship from the University of South Florida where she is studying Integrated Public Relations & Advertising. When she's not traveling (she's been to 20 countries), she's belting out karaoke, making a Spotify play list, and drinking cold brew. At Evolve & Co, Caila hopes to gain real-world experience & a better understanding of client relationships.

Dayna Maloney

Dayna Maloney

Brand Management Intern

Dayna joins the Evolve & Co team for a summer internship form the University of Florida where she's studying Advertising on the Persuasive Messaging Track. In her free time, Dayna loves reading, writing, photography, rooting on the Tampa Bay Lighting & the Mets, and hopes to publish a novel one day. At Evolve & Co, Dayna's looking forward to learning the inner-workings of an ad agency and growing her social media management, copywriting, and event planning skillsets.

Lexi Perkins

Graphic Design Intern

Lexi joins Evolve & Co as a summer design intern from the University of North Georgia where she is an Art Major with a Minor in Graphic Design. She enjoys drawing, concerts, hiking, cooking, and adding to her vinyl record collection. At Evolve & Co, Lexi looks forward to developing her graphic design skills, gaining knowledge on how graphic design pertains to marketing & advertising, and acquiring great connections.

Holly Wright-Fletcher

Graphic Design Intern

Holly joins the Evolve & Co summer intern team from Lake Erie College where she's studying Graphic Design & minoring in Marketing. In her free time, she enjoys photography, hanging out with her twin, and playing with her 3 huskies. At Evolve & Co, Holly is looking forward to expanding her graphic design skills, and more insight on collaborative agency work.

Brody Evolve and co


Chief Dog Officer

Our Chief Dog Officer, Brody, is one of our star employees. Brody’s Tips For Success: Take more power naps. Bring your coworkers treats. Bask in the sun for a rejuvenating break!