Lisa Williams


From Fortune 500 to start-ups, Lisa is at the forefront of brand strategy. With serious passion, a genuine love for her work, and years of expertise in the industry, her leadership drives success. Philanthropic and curious, Lisa travels and gives often. She’ll probably change the world some day, but first, coffee.


Executive Director

Lizzie is the consummate PR professional as well as a USF alumni with a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship. She is integral in the success of Evolve & Co's press campaigns and content development, as well as heading up our Public Relations department where her altruism shines. In her personal life, she's a fashionista and goal digger. Get it, girl!"

Stephanie Espinoza

Brand Manager

As Brand Manager, Stephanie lends her passion and knowledge for all things marketing, social media, and content creation. She hopes to develop new techniques and strategies that will ultimately help client businesses thrive. Stephanie is a self-proclaimed foodie and avid traveler, enjoys a variety of workout routines, and is currently reteaching herself how to play piano again.

Genevieve Sierra

Art Director & Graphic Designer

Meet Genevieve Sierra, Evolve and Co's Art Director & Graphic Designer 🌟 With a degree in motion graphics from Ringling College of Art and Design, Class of 2019, Genevieve knows how to make visuals come to life. Her design style is all about making a statement. It's bold, it's punchy, and is always keeping up with the latest trends.

Samantha Bufalino

Brand Management Intern

Meet Samantha, Design and Advertising/Public Relations Major from The University of Tampa.
Hailing from the Keystone state, Sam enjoys traveling including a semester in Italy. When she's not on an adventure or studying, she hangs with her cat Lua, or spends time on the beach.
After graduation, she plans to use her Public Relations degree and internship experiences to continue in the field. She especially loves Tampa Bay and hopes to plant roots here.

Emily Bahlawan

Graphic Designer

Emily is studying both Design and Advertising & Public Relations at the University of Tampa. While working with Evolve & Co., she is eager to learn and meet people who share similar interests within advertising.
Set to graduate in 2025, she plans to continue developing her portfolio and pursue graduate school in New York City.

Hailey Kammerer

Graphic Design Intern

Hailey is a Graphic Design Intern studying Digital Media with a focus on Graphic Design at St. Petersburg College. Beyond design, she enjoys fitness, travel, fashion, Korean skincare, and exploring new cafes. She's fluent in Korean, Japanese, and French, and her comfort food is pancakes with bananas. Post-graduation, Hailey aims to pursue freelance work with artists and creators. She chose Evolve & Co for its engaging social media presence and opportunities to learn about advertising and marketing.

Olivia Fleming

Brand Management Intern

Meet Olivia, Journalism and Advertising Major (and Public Relations minor) at The University of Tampa. She loves to tap into her creativity through writing, crafts, and spent 13 years as an Irish dancer. She loves her 2 dogs, photography, fashion journalism, and curating social media content.
At Evolve & Co, she says "she loves how creative she's able to be in this internship". We're elated to welcome Olivia on the team.

Brody Evolve and co


Chief Dog Officer

Our Chief Dog Officer, Brody, is one of our star employees. Brody’s Tips For Success: Take more power naps. Bring your coworkers treats. Bask in the sun for a rejuvenating break!