Always take a second look.

Every brand knows the struggle of having to come up with a logo to represent their entire essence. Companies want to find a way to make the customer remember who they are with just a quick glance, so originality is a huge factor in the process. That being said, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take a second look or have someone else check over your design, because you never know what someone could see that you might not. Here we will see a few designs that definitely could have used a second look.


  1.       The Computer Doctors

To the naked eye, this logo can be interpreted in several ways. The design team obviously wanted to spruce up the design by switching a letter with a cute little design that relates to computers, which would obviously be a mouse, right? Well others have taken the interpretation of the mouse in another direction, and clearly see male genitalia. Plus, the cord attached to the tip of the mouse does not do much to help out the illusion. We just hope their new and improved logo works for them much better than this one did.


  1.       Fully Erect Tent Company

How better to showcase a company that specializes in fully erect pop-up tents then to show a man sleeping in said tent? Perhaps after some careful consideration, the middle pole in the design of the tent, or even the man, may not have been needed to get their point across. By just seeing the logo and not seeing it on any equipment, one may be confused on the products or services that a company like this would be offering.


  1.       Kids Exchange

What did you read when you saw this logo for the first time? If you said Kids Exchange, you would be correct. If you saw Kid Sex Change, well you would not be the only one. Sometimes it doesn’t even take a graphic design to create an inappropriate logo, sometimes all it takes is spacing and punctuation. This design could have definitely benefited from a singular space or an apostrophe to remove the guessing game and save us from a terrible misunderstanding.



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