Projected Advertising Trends

As 2020 finally rounds the corner, we begin to turn optimistically towards 2021 in hopes for a better year. The historical events occurring in 2020, such as Covid-19, the Presidential Election, and the Black Lives Matter movement, will strongly influence society indefinitely. Here are our advertising trend predictions for 2021:

Video Advertisements
Video has been on the rise for years. People tend to prefer it over text; it is easy to digest and more entertaining. Due to the large number of shares and engagement, videos tend to be the stars on any platform. We should expect an increase in video advertisements on television, social media, and possibly in our emails.

Customized Advertisements
Through use of Artificial Intelligence, advertisers can practice targeting and personalized messaging. AI can sift through data to analyze voices, images, and behavior in order to customize advertisements based on customers’ needs and expectations. Because more people are staying home and turning to digital products for entertainment, companies are gathering more data than ever. Consumers should expect personalized messages and location targeting in advertisements on their computers, phones, and televisions.
Diversity Trends
Given the momentum produced by the 2020 Biden Presidential campaign and the BLM movement, we can expect diversity to continue as a steady trend in all forms of ads. Representation of different races and ethnicities, sexual and gender identities, and religions, will be illuminated by the actors and models in commercials, digital, and print ads.

Covid-19 Impact
In all platforms of advertising, we will continue to see innovative campaigns. Whether there is a vaccine in the new year or not, there will be lasting social influences from the year spent in a pandemic. We can expect an increase in animations replacing actors; such is the case in Grubhub’s and Uber Eats’ latest series of commercials. The main themes will continue to focus on masks, social distancing, and use of hand sanitizer.

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