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The Instagram algorithm uses many different tactics to deliver content such as user interaction history and user data to decide what content goes on an Instagram user’s feeds, hashtag pages, explore pages, reels, and more. “The Instagram algorithm in 2023 is like the seasons: it changes, you love it, you hate it, but in the end, you just have to embrace it.” (Epidemic Sound, 2022). 


The secret to Instagram’s algorithm is that there is not one true algorithm but a variety of algorithms, processes, and classifiers at play and each has its purpose. While the Instagram algorithm has not changed too much for 2023, some of the key modifications have been made in the Reels department. Horizontal or long-form videos are a thing of the past and 9:16 reels and 30 seconds or less videos are some of the major changes made to Instagram’s algorithm for businesses. The reason for this change is to optimize content to be quick, engaging, and entertaining.


“The Instagram algorithm is the gatekeeper to success on the platform. Master the algorithm, and you’ll unlock access to more followers and higher engagement.” (Sumrak, 2022). For businesses to get the 2023 Instagram algorithm to work in their favor they must post frequently and consistently, double down on their Reels, and use the unicorn strategy: analyze a successful business account that you would like your page to imitate, examine their top performing posts, and inquire on ways to create a better post for your business.


Using the right formatting, creating carousels, nurturing your audience with daily stories, and using popular hashtags and captions are some other ways to stay relevant in the 2023 Instagram algorithm. Even though the algorithm is generally a set of rules that rank every piece of content posted on the platform, keeping up with the frequent changes made to it can make or break one’s business. Some key takeaways for businesses to stay relevant on Instagram amongst the 2023 algorithm changes are to take amazing, standout pictures, upload posts daily to your account to say relevant in the algorithm, interact with your audience as much as possible, add captions to posts and stories to hook the viewers in, and always remember to keep the audience engaged whether it be through a daily story or on the main feed.



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