Going on live TV can be an exciting and nerve racking experience. As soon as you find out about your future live television debut follow these tips to make sure you nail it.


Be Early

Get to the location of your live shot early. For live TV appearances there is prep work that must be done before going on air. Producers will have your mic fitted, and prep you on any last minute details. Being early will give you time to prepare and calm your nerves before going live.


Prioritize Your Appearance

Dress according to your live appearance topic and location. Choose an outfit that looks good and makes you feel confident. Avoid distracting patterns like stripes and loud, dangling accessories. 



 A lot of people don’t know this but a majority of live TV is actually preplanned. If you are able to, get the show outlines or script from your producer. Ask the producer if they have any tips or suggestions for when you go live, they will be happy you took the initiative to learn more. If you receive a script make sure to rehearse until you feel comfortable.


Be Friendly

When you’re being genuinely friendly on camera your natural warmth will be engaging to viewers. A good tip is to get to know your interviewer or cast mate a bit before going live to break the ice.



If you’re too nervous your body language will show it. While you’re on air try your best to relax, imagine that you’re having a conversation with a close friend. 






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