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We all love a good logo because it is memorable, attention-grabbing, and gives a brand identity, but some logos fail to produce positive feedback and memorabilia causing an epic branding failure.“Branding fails are when companies missed their target and ended up making their brand look unappealing, hypocritical, or just plain confused” (Smart, 2021). A logo failure can make or break a brand which could ultimately provoke a negative reaction from its consumers. Now let us discuss epic logo fails and the three eye sores you’ll never unsee.

Eye Sores

According to Boredpanda “Whilst hidden messages and pictures in logos are pretty cool, sometimes they appear unintentionally. And more often than not, it’s an inappropriate one that’ll make you do a double-take (2015). We can find some of these hilarious yet memorable failed logo eye sores in the image above. Some of the eyesores you’ll never be able to unsee are A-styles intentionally dirty logo created in 1989, the State of Vermont’s Pure Maple Syrup logo shaped as the state of Vermont with syrup dripping from a tree tap into a wooden barrel, the 2012 summer London Olympics logo that made the internet go wild, and last but not least a Catholic Church’s misunderstood 1973 Archdiocesan Youth Commission’s logo of a young boy hugging a priest.


Many of these companies spent millions of dollars advertising these potentially controversial logos just for the public to disapprove and in return ended up back at the drawing board designing a new logo. 

Most of these logos were created innocently and with creativity in mind but once the public eye got ahold of the logos the companies soon found out that the messages that they were trying to portray went misunderstood. Even though these companies were trying to be creative and did not mean any harm their epic logo fails caused a lot of controversy in the social media world.

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