Having a small business is exciting and quite an adventure. Reflecting on that dream that is now a reality: managing your schedule, working within your passion, being an influencer in the community, and striving to change the world, can make you feel accomplished. Although being an entrepreneur can be both fulfilling and rewarding, learning what is effective and what is not effective in promoting a business can be an obstacle. What is a great way to promote your small business? As social media platforms have helped small businesses take flight, picking the perfect one will make a difference. 


Did Somebody Say TikTok?

If you considered using TikTok to promote your business, pat yourself on the back. As there are many great social media handles, TikTok gets more action than Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. TikTok inspired 67% of users to shop even when they weren’t looking; and 74% to find out more about a product or brand. It will offer you one of the largest social media audiences in the market, making its appearance in other countries. That’s right! That means that it is a media sharing network that has reached nearly 689 million monthly active users worldwide (Moshin, 2021). Also, if you can say “free,” TikTok is free indeed.  


Ready To Post? Wait There’s A Catch!

When creating content about your business on TikTok, your post will go through a process before allowing you the chance to branch out globally. First, it will expose your post to local audiences and then to the world. Also, Anderson (2020) explains in his article that TikTok is a “major” algorithm-driven app that will allow content to be fully customized to each individual user; that in turn will create unique experiences for every user. So, what does that mean for small business owners? Be natural. TikTok is not a space for you to post a time-consuming project; it is a space for you to submit phone shots of your narrative. Your brief and engaging post will provide the audience with a real experience through a meaningful, relatable video of everything. Most importantly, resulting in the success of your content, Oehsen’s and Betancourt’s (2021) report has shown that the more video engagement there is, the more views and interactions there will be. For instance, the combination of sound and hashtags has allowed more for a broader audience to be reached. The more features provided by an MSN like TikTok, the more views the creator will get.  




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