By now, brands big and small have experienced and can attest to the need for social media in business. Stepping into a new year and that notion is the same – social media is an essential and crucial part of your marketing strategy. Here are our top three tips for better managing the social media space in 2024. 


Create a Content Calendar

Having a content plan in place for your brand can be incredibly helpful when preparing to curate content for social media. Knowing what topics you want to build into your strategy as well as national holidays, and special and current events can help optimize your time and effectively communicate with your audience. Repurposing and recycling evergreen content can also help you improve social media engagement while saving time and resources.


Be Ready to Adapt & Learn

It’s no secret that social media is an ever-changing landscape – the algorithm, trends, you name it. Allowing your strategy to be flexible and adaptable will be important. Regularly analyzing your social media analytics and utilizing social listening tools is a great way to inform your social media team on how well your content is performing and where it may need adjusting. 


Redefine Your Relationship with Trends

Using trends is a great way to build awareness for your brand, however you don’t have to jump on every single one – it’s inauthentic and unsustainable. 


“According to the Index, 38% of consumers say the most memorable brands on social prioritize original content over trending topics.” – Sprout Social 


Best practice: use a healthy blend of on-brand trends and original content, and keep looking at your social analytics to find your top-engaged and most successful formats. 




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