3 Creative Trends in Advertising for 2022

Keeping up with recent trends in advertising is vital for a successful and strategic campaign. Even with a perfect product, if marketing and advertising are not up to par with current trends, the perfect product or service can easily fall short of its potential. Here are three creative advertising tricks that can be used to help boost your product/service to the top of all platforms for peak advertising and marketing performance:


Short Loops, Extra Information

The rise of Vine, then the superstardom of TikTok ushered in a new era of short form video content being at the forefront of the algorithm for most social media networks. Wired.com’s ‘TikTok Finally Explains How the ‘For You’ Algorithm Works’ and Later.com’s ‘How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work in 2022?’ explain that while quantifying the ‘virality’ of a video they are measuring whether the video has been watched fully, rewatched, then interacted with through likes and follows.

In order to take advantage of the algorithm, users have been found creating short looping videos with an abundance of text. This boosts the chances of a viral video because viewers will spend more time reading the text than there is time in the video thus looping several times, and rising in the algorithm. Trends like the ‘one thing about me is’, seen here, show how effective this is for the algorithm. Combine this trend with interesting facts about your service or company, and watch the algorithm float your advertising posts to the top of social media networks alike.


Sound, Sound, Sound

Along with videos becoming the hot content for social media, audio clips have become a staple for getting content to explode through the algorithm. With TikToks and Instagram Reels, sounds are used as a vessel to boost content as well. Use a sound clip from a popular song, or from a video that went viral and watch the engagement roll in. Check this example: ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac was used in this video featuring Nathan Apodaca skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice. The video went viral, Ocean Spray cranberry juice was flying off the shelves from people recreating the video to hop on the trend, and a campaign fell right into the laps of the Ocean Spray team.


Give the Audience a Say
Audiences nowadays are always seeking for authenticity. People want to relate to the content in the advertisements they are seeing. A great way to conceive a campaign that hits both points is to give the audience their own voice. An excellent example of this comes from TikTok user Emily Zugay, who went viral for a video of her redesigning logos of popular brands poorly. The comments on her TikTok raved about how perfectly comical her logos were, and pushed for brands to allow her to redesign their logos. Eventually, brands began using her designs as temporary profile pictures and gained traction on socials for being a part of their consumer’s community. From simply listening to the trends their target audiences followed and bringing a fresh idea from the public into their advertising, brands like Starbucks and Apple were trending for days.

Ultimately, trends are always changing. It’s important to stay up to date on the current trends in order to best target the desired audiences. If ever in need of an abundance of engagement, stick to the trends and the likes, comments, and subscribers are sure to follow. 




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