Amy is a recent U.S. citizen, originating from Scotland. She studied Leadership and Psychology at University of Richmond Virginia and loves event planning, graphic design, photography, and film production. Her interests are vast including fashion, snow skiing, cooking, video games, and crafting. She’s (her words) obsessed with orcas, and has seen the documentary ‘Blackfish’ at least 8 times. At Evolve & Co, Amy’s a creative powerhouse.

What do you love most about working at an ad agency?
I love the open and collaborative working environment! Working on different projects allows me to be more creative and I learn something new every day.

How do you find inspiration?
I usually find inspiration on Instagram. It’s a great way to find new brands or designers that use social media to showcase their ideas.

What are some of your favorite brands and why?
I have always loved Apple because they refuse to compromise on design and have great attention to detail. AMUR, which stands for A Mindful Use of Resources, is a sustainable and organic fashion brand. I am inspired by their dedication to the environment and their innovation in a saturated field.

What’s the craziest idea you’ve ever pitched in a meeting?
This is a tough question. Most of my ideas are design related and I always find a way to make it happen, no matter how crazy!

What’s the most challenging part of your position? / What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
Interpreting a client’s loose idea is challenging for me. Usually clients have a clear idea of what they want but some clients need to see what they don’t want before they can communicate their idea fully. It’s also the most rewarding part of my job when I successfully bring their idea to life through design.

What is your guilty-pleasure?
Getting my nails done almost every two weeks! I love having a fresh manicure with a fun design.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
I would love to explore more of Italy! I went to Milan a few years ago and loved it.

What’s your office nickname?
I don’t know if I have one! It would probably have something to do with my coffee habits though.

Your favorite band and why?
I am constantly listening to music so my favorite band changes a lot! I would say the one constant that I have been listening to for over 10+ years is Panic! At The Disco. Brendon Urie’s vocal range is incredible and their songs are very different from most music out there!

A favorite childhood memory?
There are so many great ones! My family would travel to Scotland every summer and one summer my cousins came over to my grandmother’s house for a play date. We ate lunch and then the adults went to the other room to drink tea and chat. My cousins, sister, and I decided to help clean up. We put too much soap in the dishwasher and bubbles started filling my grandmother’s kitchen. We quickly turned it off, and all four of us ran and hid in the other room until our parents noticed. In retrospect we should have told them immediately but this memory still makes me laugh.

What’s a current goal?
A current goal of mine is to complete a course in web development!

When will you know you’ve made it big?
When I can take my parents on their dream vacation.

A lesson you’ve learned while working at Evolve & Co?
Share your ideas, no matter what! You never know what ideas your idea may spark!

Favorite behind-the-scenes part of working with Evolve & Co?
I love spending time with everyone at Evolve! We all support each other and have fun doing it!

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