Successful brands don’t just have good products, they have good people behind them, too. Public relations is a way to make sure that brands images are the best they can be at all times while also getting the word of the brand/product out there. Public relations is what bridges that gap between the consumer and brand.

Public relations practitioners position a brand to have a public voice and are the ones who know how to maintain your online brand identity. It’s important that there is constant clarity about your company’s key messages and brand identity. The Fashion Diaries states that “By maintaining a constant presence in your industry or in front your customers’ eyes, you are creating a strong connection with your audience.” For example, the P&G “Thanks Mom” campaign was so successful because of the way the brand was able to relate to moms. This campaign created so much buzz for P&G which is exactly what you want in public relations.

To quote fellow PR company, ‘5W Public Relations’, “Experts can work in increasing credibility by improving an organization’s reputation through thought leadership pieces, influencer connections, and networking strategies.” By doing this, the brands are not only improving the reputation but they are also increasing brand awareness and revenue. Influencer relations has become a crucial way to reach a niche market. Having a public relations practitioner be able to find the correct influencer to endorse your product and maintain that relationship is something that is a necessity for brands. Birchbox, a monthly box of personalized makeup, haircare and skincare samples, teamed up with lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere to promote a special May box with five Instagram photos on her Instagram page. The campaign received over 18,000 likes and reached more than 550,000 consumers. Often times, the more positive buzz there is about a company, the more reliable the brand is.

One of the main goals of a public relations practitioner is to get your message out there, they get your name and products to the masses. They send out press releases and invites to the target audience, they then build a relationship with the potential clients, and ultimately create a call to action for the target audience to check out the specific event or the brand.

In today’s day and age being able to connect with consumers on a personal level is what can really make or break a brand. Public relations is what bridges that gap between the consumer and brand. It’s how brands can maintain a positive image in the public eye and they are the ones who maintain crisis control when things aren’t so great. Without a strong public relations team behind a brand, some brands may not have been able to recover after a crisis. It’s so essential for a brand to succeed.


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