St. Petersburg’s Beach Drive Lounge Gives Loyal Employees Namesake Cocktails 


Tampa Bay, FLA (June 20, 2022) – Long beloved champagne and whiskey bar, Flute & Dram, shows love and appreciation for their staff with a new drink menu showcasing the staff’s favorite drinks and recommendations. 


Employee Namesake Cocktails & Flights

Many of Flûte & Dram’s cocktails, shots and flights were made dedicated to loyal and cherished employees. Some of which are a few of the staff’s favorites, others were specially curated for the new menu. 


Bella Vibes

This delicious cocktail includes EG vodka, peach puree, sugar, topped with Chandon garden spritz.



This wondrous concoction includes Jameson Cold Brew, Kahlua, espresso, and a large ice cube. 


Anthony’s Mezcal Old Fashioned

This drink comes with Del Maguey Vida, vanilla infused sugar, chocolate bitters, and orange bitters.


Josh-In’ Around

This playful shot includes Wheatley Vodka, Créme Di Mure, lemon and sugar.


The Olivia

This mocktail comes with orange, lemon, pineapple, grenadine, and is topped with ginger ale. 


Robin’s Mimosa Flight

As Robin would say, a mimosa is perfect for anytime of the day. This flight features Avissi Prosecco with four different flavors: pineapple, peach, orange, and grapefruit. 


Stephen’s Bourbon Flight

This flight, specially picked by Stephen, includes Buffalo Trace, Makers Mark, Elijah Craig Small Batch, and Woodford Reserve. 



The brand pays tribute to the ownership. Tell us about Tony & Greg and how they came to open a champagne & whiskey lounge in downtown St. Petersburg?

B: Greg and Tony are best friends and they both have their own separate businesses and they both have very similar ideas and they wanted to open something together. Ruby’s has been around for a long time, 25 years now, with live music, so they knew they wanted to incorporate music into their collaboration of a business together. They’re just two fools who wanted to bring something fun to St. Pete.


The brand has 3 distinct experiences under one roof. Tell us about the Flute lounge, the outdoor patio, and the Dram lounge.

B: We do have three different aspects of our bar, which is what makes us so unique. We did start off as just one side of the bar, which is our champagne side. So if you want to go to that side, it’s perfect for more conversation and more bubbles.


The other side of the bar was our expansion, which is called the Dram side or the whiskey side, which you can see on our wall, has over 300 different whiskeys that we rotate all the time, always bringing in something new.


And then you have our outdoor aspect, which is perfect for summertime, lounging, and some craft cocktails.


How many champagnes do you keep in stock?

B: We currently have about 60 specialty champagne bottles in stock at Flute and then we offer another 25 in sparkling wines at Flute.


How many whiskeys do you keep in stock? 

B: Right now we have over 300 different whiskeys that come from all over the world. We carry scotch, rye, bourbon and Asian whiskey. They’re all different because they all come from different regions. We also have our Scotch featured from Scotland. You can only get it there.


Our Asian whiskey is very similar to Scotch, but not exactly since they are a specialty to Japanese culture. They are amazing and very, very peaty.


And then we have bourbon, which can come from anywhere in America, which is delicious. And then Rye also anywhere in America or anywhere that wants to make it. And lots of other options for people with different palates.


What is the most exotic whiskey on the shelf? 

B: Our most exotic whiskey on the shelf right now would probably be Pappy Van Winkle. Only because it’s allocated. We only get two bottles a year usually. And this year we’d have a ten and a 12 year. It’s really hard to find so if you find it, it’s good to get your hands on it.



FLÛTE & DRAM: Flûte & Dram is a champagne, caviar, and whiskey lounge featuring daily live music, small plates,  open Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to midnight, Fridays from 4 pm to 2 am, Saturdays from 12 pm to 2 am, and Sundays from 12 pm to midnight. 727-350-5657. Flûte & Dram is located at 234 Beach Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.


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