Whether it’s to capture selfies, sunsets, or snacks, one of the top social media apps to turn to is Snapchat. Snapchat has rapidly grown into one of the most popular photo/video sharing apps, but unlike most other social media, the posts disappear within 24 hours. Private snaps can be shared, and those will disappear within 1-10 seconds! It may sound like a crazy concept, but that doesn’t stop over 300 million monthly users from sharing their daily adventures.

Snapchat is not only for silly snaps; Many companies are utilizing this medium to advertise through the use of geolocation tags, geofilters, and lenses. These features can be very fun and engaging for users because they can incorporate their face or their daily activities while also sharing branded content. Snapchat is an easy given for targeting millennials, considering 45% of its users are ages 18-34 and with a daily reach of 41% towards this group. There is also a extensive selection of sponsored stories from different companies, news outlets and brands. Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, VICE, and The Washington Post are some of the top viewed stories, which feature top news stories, quizzes, recipes and quirky articles.

To put into perspective how often we are snapping, it would take about 10 years to view all of the Snapchats uploaded within the last hour… but while that 10 years worth of content was being viewed, 880,000 more years worth of content was shared over that time. That’s a lot of snaps!

The United States isn’t the only country that’s snapping. Ireland is the number one country for Snapchat usage, based on percentage of adult usage. The UK has 25% of smartphone users on Snapchat, and then 50% of Norway’s smartphone users are snapping away. The cool thing about this is that users can add to stories based on location. Snapchat introduced a Snap Map feature, where users can view where their friends are (providing their location is set to share), and can also view public stories from all around the world! This is great for seeing different perspectives from special events, breaking news, or if you’d simply like to see what’s going on in Japan or Egypt.

The uses of Snapchat for social media usage and for advertising can be so vast. With 20,000+ snaps being shared every second, it’s clearly a successful form of communication.







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