Throughout the years there has been an abundance of changes to the dynamics of social media in society. Social media has become more than just a way to share aspects of your life with your friends and family. Many businesses are using outlets like Instagram and Facebook as they become increasingly popular for advertisement. So, which one is better to get your business out there? There are a great deal of factors to consider.

Demographic will play a huge role in determining which outlet to use. Facebook is the second most used social media platform after YouTube. According to Sprout Social, Facebook’s most popular age groups for users are 18-29 and 30-49, stating that 79% of people in both age groups are Facebook users. Of all the internet’s users, 83% of women and 75% of men are Facebook users, according to Pew Research Center. Facebook allows for the optimization of ads based on a variety of factors including age, gender, language, etc. Depending on what crowd you are looking to reach you can determine which outlet is a better match for your business.

Reach and engagement is another factor in determining which platform is a better match for your marketing goals. According to Statista, Facebook has 2.6 billion active monthly users. In comparison, Instagram has 1 billion, according to Hootsuite. However, that does not mean that Facebook is always the better option. 68% of Instagram users engage with brands on a regular basis, while only 32% of Facebook users do the same, according to Smart Insights.

Another important aspect to consider is the difference in prices per post. To have an influencer account with 5k-30k followers post about your product, a Facebook post costs $318, while Instagram charges $172 for a post and $73 for a story, according to Hootsuite.

Determining whether to use Instagram or Facebook can be a challenging one depending on your desired demographic, budget, aesthetic and many other factors.


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