Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

By Lizzie Desrosiers

In a society practically taken over by technology and digital space, marketers have managed to take full advantage and capitalize on the opportunity. From email marketing to live video streaming to augmented reality, advertising and marketing has all hands on deck. We at Evolve & Co. are keeping our eyes peeled on some digital marketing trends that are sure to rule in 2017.

According to AdWeek, the top digital trends for 2017 include conversational experiences, immersive content, influencer marketing, blockchain, and B2B. From these trends, it seems influencer marketing will play one of the most major – AdWeek writes:

“According to eMarketer, 2017 is predicted to mark a major milestone for digital advertising—for the first time, digital spending will surpass that of TV. So where will those dollars go? Considering the challenges marketers face with bot fraud, ad blocking, social algorithms and general skepticism, influencer marketing will play a renewed and central role in the marketing mix for 2017. Influencer marketing isn’t new, but it will mature in 2017 as we see brands not only partnering with digital savvy Snapchatters and YouTubers but co-creating original content that can’t be found anywhere else.”

To add to the list, live video streaming is already taking flight. Major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have adopted the live video stream feature. Every scroll-through Facebook consists of at least half your friends sharing their moments in real time. Business use this tool to share with their markets things like behind-the-scenes and attendance at major events.  According to Forbes, live video streaming will fully take off:

“Social media users are beginning to demand more in-the-moment content, giving them a vicarious view into a world (or event) they’d previously been unable to access. Thanks to faster Internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video has become something of a trend on its own, with more and more apps and platforms giving some kind of “live streaming” functionality…”

At Evolve & Co., we stay up-to-date on all trends and have implemented them whenever the chance beckons. Keeping on trend allows us to perform well for our clients and make sure they aren’t left behind in last year’s fads.

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