In today’s marketing and advertising world, we know that in order to stay relevant and reach the most people having a well done and large Instagram following is key. The more people you reach and are able to connect with, the better your business will be.

  1. Be consistent. This is key. If you haven’t posted in a few days, it’s easy for you followers to slowly forget about you and your content. If you post often this will allow your followers to constantly be reminded that you are here. Consistency is important but it cannot take away from quality. You need to post often but keep the quality high, so your followers are still eager and excited to see your content.
  2. The rule of 7. This goes along with the first with the first rule. Advertising companies say that on average a consumer has to see your ad seven times to finally make the big step to purchase your product. By posting consistently you are able to reach that magic number of 7 much faster.
  3. Use all of Instagram’s features. This means make sure to also post video content, live videos, and post onto Instagram stories. This will allow you to reach an even further audience, by posting to stories you might get a customer to view your content when they would have otherwise missed it if it was just a regular post in their feed.
  4. Collaborating with others. This can help you be noticed by a completely new audience. If you happen to be a brand that is selling products, have other people post about your products so that their followers have now been introduced to you. This can go a long way and can attract followers to your page.
  5. Use your analytics accurately. You can view your top posts and see what is succeeding and what is a failed post. You can also see the demographic of your followers. By knowing this information, you are better able to target your followers with exactly the content they want to see which leads them to stay following you, and this allows you to attract new followers from the followers you already have.
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