Is TikTok a Viable Advertising Medium for Your Business?

We’re sure you’ve heard about TikTok as it’s been gaining popularity over the past 6 months with the world quarantining. TikTok is new but it is growing rapidly every day and so are its ads. If you are a company looking to drive traffic to your website, or just to get your name out there, TikTok may give you the boost you’re looking for.

TikTok offers 5 different types of ads including in feed ads, brand takeover, top view, branded hashtag challenge, and branded effects. It allows you to get very niche with your ad, you can choose the age, gender, and location that your ad will go to. This can be very beneficial for local business to be able to market to people just in their area. While this is a fantastic marketing opportunity you can also use the platform to get completely creative and market on your own without the help of TikTok itself!

Making an account with the goal to spread the word about your product in a creative way can lead you to gain people’s attention and admiration for your work. You can be found by thousands of people who all can relate to you and your product. By having this one on one connective feeling with your audience it can really drive your sales up and make you more well-known and reputable for being your authentic self.

A great example of this is @Ktscanvases on TikTok. She is a creator who started by using TikTok ads to show people her artwork she sells on her website, after she gained a little bit of traction to her page from the TikTok ads she decided to market her artwork and give behind the scenes, creative videos of how all her work was made. She showed detailed footage in order to make her audience feel like they were part of the creative process. She event took this a step further by allowing her following to get to be a part of her next artwork. They could request what they wanted to see, and she would put her unique spin on it. After getting her followers invested in the process of creating art, she opened up her shop to allow customizable pieces. She decided to charge a large extra fee for her customers to request what they wanted their customized artwork to be and she would make a unique piece based off of their requests for only them. She started out with a limited following of people who just liked seeing her art to 1.2 million followers who adore and purchase her art and prints regularly.

TikTok has been growing popular among everyone with a cell phone making it currently one of the most downloaded apps on the iPhone in 2020. This is your chance to hop on board and market your products on this relatively new and rapidly growing platform.

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