A website has the ability to make or break a business; it is the digital storefront of your company. Some individuals have opinions and tastes that we’ll never fully agree on when it comes to websites being good, great or just plain bad. Business owners invest a lot of time and money into their websites for new customers and users, but what many business owners ask themselves is what differentiates a great website from a bad one? Here we take a look at 5 components you’ll need to know for a powerful website.

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Before you can begin working on your website, you should consider the purpose and goals you want to come across on the site. When you know what the purpose of your website will be, it is easier to determine what kind of content should be displayed. A detail to consider would be having a homepage that lets the user know what the site is for or an “About” section shows there are real people behind the site.

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Navigation of a website may not seem important but it is a truly vital feature. How the navigation is set up can determine how user-friendly your website is for the visitor. A direct and easy-to-navigate site can aid in overall user satisfaction; and although it may not be the reason visitors return to the site, you can be sure it isn’t a reason that they don’t. A well-developed site map can also be a simple addition that will go a long way.  

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Social Media/ Content Management

Not all companies are on every social media platform. Some businesses only use one platform, while others use them all. Whether it be one of them or all of them, it’s important to incorporate your social media presence on your website. If you have someone building your site for you, be sure to integrate with your social media platforms. This way, whenever those accounts are updated, the changes appear real-time on your site. This component can be easily looked over by many companies when building out their website.

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Contact Us

Displaying your contact information such as a phone number, physical address, or contact form on your site adds legitimacy to your site and business. It also gives your users and future customers an easy way to reach you and your team. Some efficient ways to display a company’s contact information can be along the top header with clickable links to the business’s social media platforms or placed in the footer section at the bottom of the page.


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Great Images

A website is sort of like a digital gallery of a business. Choosing images that are hi-res, stylish, and captivating are crucial to the retention of the visitors to a site. It is important to be mindful of how many images you choose and where those photos are sourced from. Many well-done sites use stock imagery or professional photography of the business. Believe it or not, the quality of selected images can affect the flow of business you receive.






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