“1984” (Apple, 1984)

Directed by Ridley Scott, this ad hailed the coming of the Macintosh computer by drawing inspiration from George Orwell’s novel. It follows the heroine as she saves humanity from the conformity of “Big Brother” (AKA GM Computers, their then-largest competitor). 

“Hare Jordan” (Nike, 1993)

This ad features Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny dominating the basketball court in Air Jordan sneakers. Thanks to this commercial’s success, the bunny-baller duo would collaborate again in 1996 for the Space Jam movie, a beloved 90’s classic (Wiese, 2020).

Cindy Crawford for Pepsi (Pepsi, 1992)

From the moment supermodel Cindy Crawford stepped out of a red Lamborghini in her iconic white swimsuit, this TV spot was an instant classic. It inspired countless television references, parodies, and even a remake. 16 years later, Crawford reenacted the scene for a 2018 ad.

“We Will Rock You” (Pepsi, 2006)

Another win for Pepsi, this spot featured three of the biggest pop stars in recent history. Beyonce, Britney Spears, and P!nk are featured in a colosseum singing Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, turning the rock tune into a girl power anthem.

“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (Old Spice, 2010)

This commercial’s resounding success launched a campaign that has become iconic of the Old Spice brand, launching the character of “Old Spice Man”. Targeting female viewers, this campaign was adored by mothers, girlfriends and wives alike (Wieden & Kennedy, 2020)

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