According to Disruptive Advertising, there are many marketing lessons for Halloween. One of these lessons combines both the digital and physical aspects of marketing during the spookiest time of the year. Their work with Fanta combined digital and physical marketing to create exclusive packs of Fanta that provided stand out designs as well as access to Snapchat AR lenses. After the release, their social media content raised awareness of the packs and the Snapchat lenses. Both the digital and physical elements  have allowed Fanta to reach a broader range of audiences across a variety of different platforms , while enabling shared experiences between snapchat users.

According to Disruptive Advertising, If you’re a marketer, this holiday season is a great time to build your business through Halloween-themed campaigns that spook, spell bind or frighten your customers into engaging more with your brand. There are always new ways to improve your business even if your business isn’t spooky. To start, you should think about how you can “halloween-ize” your products, services, or business to attract new Halloween shoppers. For example, according to Disruptive Advertising if you are a restaurant it’d be clever to offer some Halloween desserts. If you are an ecommerce business selling clothing, create a line of Halloween themed shirts or items. If you are a gym, create a fitness event that raises money for local charities and requires participants to dress up in costume. All of these ideas can help your business take off during the spookiest season of the year. Another fantastic way to boost customer engagement in your business is to boost user engagement and conversions by hosting an online Halloween promotion (Disruptive Advertising.) By holding a fun, gamified online promotion, you can invite potential customers to participate in your Halloween festivities! Not only that, but you’ll make shopping on your website an entertaining and rewarding experience. During October anyone’s business can thrive if you’re willing to get into the Halloween spirit.

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