5 Drool-Worthy Summer Ad Campaigns 

These creative campaigns are dominating summer 2022. 


Every year, we all crave the summer sun and everything else it brings – beach days, warm nights, and endless memories. Not to mention, summer is often associated with delicious food and refreshing drinks. The season brings a special attention to ice cream products, cold beer, and everything in between – which means creative, unique, and memorable advertising. Here, we’ve hand-picked five of our favorite summer 2022 ad campaigns that really capture the essence of summer (that is, summer food). 


Southern Comfort’s “Bring Your Own Backyard” Pack


This brand has created a summer pack complete with an artificial patch of grass, a double set of lawn chairs, a cooler, trail mix, and more. For $99, Southern Comfort is urging you to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and is further endorsing outdoor recreation. With this pack, you’re ready to roll out your faux patch of grass, break out your lawn chairs, rip open your trail mix, and grab an ice-cool drink from your cooler for the perfect summer day – anywhere you choose!


AB InBev, Wessel and agency Africa’s collaborative creation: The Brahminha – a steak named after AB InBev’s famous Brahma beer


As mentioned, a cold beer is a summer staple for many – as is barbecued meat. This brand had the right idea in combining the two to create a beer-inspired steak cut. The company’s creamy Brahma beer is about to gain even more popularity as consumers can now experience it as both a beverage and a food.


Sister brands Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s collab with Universal Pictures on a Jurassic Park commercial


These two fast food brands launched a campaign alongside Universal Pictures with the release of the new movie, “Jurassic World Dominion”. The ads follow the tagline “feed your primal hunger”, connecting the vicious dinosaurs in the movie to the meaty, hearty food served by the company. This campaign stays true to the summer season with ads depicting summer-dressed, outdoor eaters and the deadly creatures seen in the movie. It’s a fun series pushing consumers to combine their love of food and one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. 


Katy Perry takes over for Snoop Dog in Just Eat’s signature campaign, “Did somebody say”


Katy Perry has a number of hits that will live on as summer must-listens for, well, ever. That’s why she was the perfect candidate to take over the Just Eat “Did somebody say” ad. This commercial has Katy sing her own rendition of the campaign song as it flashes through several colorful scenes. She adds bits of her fame, such as a mention of the infamous “California Gurls”, as well as through her bright outfits she’s always been known for. The ad is fun and playful and perfect for the summer. 


Oatly plays on an old ad trope by having consumers sample their plant-based ice cream bars


With the rise of plant-based products, Oatly has become somewhat of a household name. Their new “ice cream” bars have been highly anticipated. The brand promotes the product in a tried and true way, by handing consumers an obvious product and tricking them to believe it has some odd ingredient. For example, Oatly gives two consumers a bar and after they say how delicious it is, they say “there’s no real mayo in it”. This confuses them, while Oatly secretly displays their message “and there’s no real milk either”. This fun encounter takes place on a mini golf course with two consumers looking rather summer-y. 


These five ads are all things summer and perfectly in-season. Now, you’re sure to take a second look at every random patch of grass, try to figure out if your steak tastes like beer, glance nervously around you to make sure a dinosaur doesn’t steal your burger, blast some Katy Perry as you order food, and notice every ice cream bar and wonder if it has any mayo in it. 


Happy Summer!









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