Advertising is something we all can agree that we come in contact with on a day to day basis but what exactly is advertising? It is simply a way to communicate the said benefits of a product or service to influence purchasing behaviors of their target market through various media. The average American  is exposed to an average of 4,000 or more ads per day which makes it difficult for a specific ad to stand out. With these five simple advertising rules to live by, you are more likely to gain success!

Let’s begin with the fact that advertising is a process. To produce a successful ad, you have to understand that creativity takes time. In addition to the creative process, research is a significant factor in making sure your strategies are going to be effective. Pretesting is always a good idea before solidifying your campaign so that you fully understand your audience.

Next, in this day and age, social media takes up a vast portion of the advertising world. Having a flourishing social media presence among various platforms will help to get your message across rapidly.

In addition, a great quote by the father of advertising, David Ogilvy still holds true today. He says “The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife.” This is an important one because no matter how many years pass, consumer relationships will always be a crucial ingredient to success. If you value your customers intelligence, you will be rewarded with good customers who are loyal to your brand.

Another important concept to understand when advertising, is that good visuals are essential to gaining the attention of your consumers. As humans, we crave convenience. If we can get information about a message through a visual, rather than a long wordy article, we will. Visuals are often enticing and tend to generate much more traffic than copy alone.

Finally, make sure your ads are relevant to your audience. Always makes sure you are sending the right message to the right people. You’re not going to target a group of children for maternity clothes. You’re also not going to advertise video games to senior citizens. Know your audience, keep them in mind, and speak to them. Relevance is key to success and if you forget that, it will cost you.



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