Public Relations (PR) practitioners often express that they are misunderstood. PR is constantly evolving; many don’t think the term “public” is fitting anymore. As we move towards a more personal driven society, we tend to share more intimate information with each other. In order to be more effective and well received PR has caught up with the trend of personal relations. PR has grown to be an important aspect in strengthening and building brands.

Here are 4 things that may surprise you.

PR is 24-7. Many don’t realize that PR is not a 9 to 5 job, media never sleeps. An emergency can happen anytime, and company stakeholders can’t afford till the next morning to deal with the news. The brand reputation of a company is given high importance by PR professionals.

Damage control is just a piece of PR. Public Relations is sometimes labeled as damage control, granted they are the first responders when tragedy strikes within the brand. However, they dedicate their time in learning the company’s goals, audience and market so they grasp and build brand reputation. A reputable PR firm wouldn’t hold damage control as their top priority.

PR can positively affect employee retention. Investing in a PR firm has many benefits, they will complement your market strategy and focus on building lasting relationships with current customers, which will reap rewards in the future. PR firms can also assist with navigating the difficulties of employee dissatisfaction. They strengthen the brand which results in better morale and employee retention within the company.

PR is typically much less expensive than paid advertising. Some people get PR mixed up with advertising, although they complement each other well the two are separate entities. PR focuses its energy on “earned media”; the process of developing an interesting story and convincing reporters to cover it without paying for the exposure. Earned media is verified with the media which gives consumers credibility.

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