2023 Advertising Trend Predictions

What to Expect in the Advertising Space this Year


“Results are back in style,” Grodberg noted. “Brand-building is about more than celebrity, and customer experience and loyalty are being recognized for their heavy lifting. The coming year might not be flashy but it will be effective,” says Andrea (Ring) Grodberg, global chief strategy officer at VMLY&R.

As we finally shift out of the post-pandemic era, there seems to be a feeling of pre-COVID normalcy – you know, high-impact activations that take place in the real world and focusing on brand and purpose. Looking ahead to 2023, here are some trends we can expect to see within the advertising space. 


Humor & Heart are Back

After such a dark time in our history, creators are embracing all things funny, heartfelt, and entertaining. We can expect emotional triggers that bring hope and laughter to consumers, like Ocean Spray’s jiggly jelly holiday spot

“Against the backdrop of all the chaos in 2022, one of the most notable trends that emerged this year was the industry’s use of humor,” said Eileen Zhao, strategic director at Fred & Farid Los Angeles.


Advertising with Purpose

In 2023, we can expect brands to have a heavier focus on sustainability and the impact their voices have on our society. More than ever before, organizations are making efforts to align promises with action and highlight important causes. However, those commitments must be authentic and long-term.  


The Gen Z Takeover

For the first time, we have a generation that has fully grown up with the internet – Gen Z. This generation constantly evolves the way they navigate and engage online. In 2023, the goal won’t be trying to bring Gen Z into our world, but meeting them in theirs by prioritizing authenticity and relevance. 

“Gen Z is the first generation to have fully grown up with the internet — and the way they navigate and interact online keeps evolving. The most relevant platforms for this generation today are those that are dynamic and highly visual, meeting their ever-changing needs in new and innovative ways,” says Julia Hoffmann, Director of Creative Lab for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Google. 





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