It is no secret that advertising has taken a huge leap onto media-based platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Even without these media platforms, a larger number of consumers than ever are doing their holiday shopping online. If these shoppers have managed to make their way down to the real store, an average of 83% of them will be using their smartphones while shopping, to either browse items or in-store deals. The consumers are relying more on technological advice and demonstration than ever, and marketing and advertising are doing what they can to display their product in a way that is appealing to these online viewers.

This means that advertising is now depending on video demonstrations and visuals to advertise and promote their products. The early bird gets the worm because 49% of these marketing strategies are released before Halloween, to get the viewers attention before they face the avalanche of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. In a survey conducted on 400 business owners, 77% of them were using video techniques in their marketing strategies, and roughly 50% of these companies had just implemented video advertising within the last year. Video advertising has made a lightning fast jump to the top of marketing techniques, and the peoples growing use of technology is to blame. Studies show that 72% of internet users would rather watch a video on a product than receive a detailed written description, urging the marketing industry to create more visual representations of their product or service.

Along with creating demonstration videos for all of their products, businesses are making other technological advancements to keep up with the consumers. One of these is major website optimization. I.T. teams work tirelessly this holiday season to increase the speed and accessibility of their websites, to ensure faster and more accurate ordering. These companies also make an effort to create a larger presence on social media, being that it is a more personal platform to reach out to their customers during the holidays, rather than just an advertisement that comes across a screen. This interaction is creating a personal experience that the increase in online shopping has diminished.

Without a doubt, the marketing and advertising techniques used this holiday season will be driven by technology, video demonstration, and social media. Needless to say, this drive is a product of our technologically advanced society, which pushes companies each year to expand their own horizons in order to take advantage of the $720 Billion dollars that are expected to be spent this 2018 holiday season.

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